Version: 2.x

kazi concepts

Talent expectation scan

A talent scan is a kazi expectations scan carried out by an individual talent, resulting in an expectation report listing the individual's expectation scores.

Job expectation scan

A job scan is a kazi expectations scan carried out with a certain job in mind, resulting in an expectation report listing this job's expectation scores.


An expectation is one of the soft skills that are considered in the kazi expectations scan, which calculates a score for each of these expectations. Example: you can have a score of 3.2 for the expectation networker.

Expectation type

kazi uses two different types of expectations: work values (e.g. creative, networker, goal-oriented performer, ...) and team roles (e.g. helicopter, challenger, harmonious, ...).

kazi subscription

A kazi subscription is a legitimate api subscription key which is needed to get access to the kazi api. Consumers of our api need to include a valid subscription key in the HTTP requests. Based on the subscription key, limitiations can be set. (policies, throttling, etc...). See our security intro for more info.

kazi developer portal

The kazi developer portal is an online application where you can register your subscription and test out our kazi api. You need a seperate login and subscription for test and production. Both systems run independently from each other so you need to register in both systems. Typically, a developer will try out our api at the test instance and when he's ready to go live, he will create an account on the production instance

Ats client

An kazi Ats client is an applicant tracking system that integrates with kazi. An applicant tracking system is a software application that enables electronic handling of recruitement and hiring needs. kazi now integrates with several ats clients. Please contact us for more info.


To be able to use the kazi services, each kazi customer needs to be linked to a valid account. This is something the kazi administrators will configure for you. Contact us via support to get a kazi account.


A cluster can be considered as a combination of degrees, for instance: health, human resources, mathematics without specifying a specialization.

Cluster group

A group of clusters, e.g. the cluster group STEM contains the clusters Civil Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Economy, Finance and management, IT-ICT and Highly educated starters (general).


A domain is a specification in which talents wants to be employed or in which the job to be done is situated. Examples are Biology, Finance, ICT, etc.


The context is typically only applicable when using the kazi api. A context is the environment in which the profile will be operating, e.g. work place, learning place. The questions, answer options and descriptions of expectations are adapted to the context. For example, for the context learning place, job is replaced with learning place in all the texts. Use the default context if you are not sure which one to choose.


A question about work values or team roles which is asked during our expectation scans to determine the talent's or job's set of expectations. Answering these questions is key during the kazi assessment.