Version: 2.x

About the kazi api

Organizations often have their own client systems. The kazi API makes it possible to create your own front-end or subsystem which interacts seamlessly with all kazi functionalities.

  • We eat our own dog food!

Feel free to create your own visualizations and provide a custom look and feel to your users.

Before you start, make sure you read about our kazi concepts and terminology to get familiar with the kazi API terminology and use our Quick starts pages or 'tutorials section' to start using the API.

Api features


The OAuth2 standard in combination with a subscription key is used as security mechanism. To get more info about how to add the correct headers to your requests, please read our security section.

Try-out platform

We offer a completely interactive try-out platform. Follow the instructions on our getting started page to get you up and running.

API Reference

The available calls are described in two API references: Identifying and Tagging.

Switch to production

Is your integration ready? Go to our Switch to production page.

Api support

If you have any remarks or questions, please don't hesitate to write a comment or to submit a request via