Version: 2.x

Get talent scans for account

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See Talent scan properties for a detailed description of the json elements below.

Request parameters

Specify the parameters below to filter an account's talent scans.

NameDescriptionDefault value
accountIdA valid accountId must be provided./
externalRefTo specify the talent scan's reference at the account side (if there is one).empty
shouldHaveExpectationsSet to true if you only want the talent scans that already have expectations calculated.false
includeExpectationsSet to true if you want the results to contain the talent scan's expectations.false
teamRoleIdsA comma-separated list of team role ids to filter on team roles.1empty
workValueIdsA comma-separated list of work value ids to filter on work values.1empty
offsetSets the starting point of the query, e.g. if there are 10 talent scans, then offset = 5 will get you talent scans 6 to 10.0
countThe maximum number of talent scans to return.100
sortTo sort the result on one or more field(s). Use the hyphen sign for sorting in descending order, e.g. -contactlastname, -createdon will first sort on last name in descending order and then on the date of creation, also in descending order.createdon
searchTo filter on name and email. Partial matches are allowed.empty
domainIdsA comma-separated list of domain ids2 to retrieve the talent scans with these domains.empty
atsClientIdFor talent scans linked to an applicant tracking system.empty

1 See Filter on expectations for a detailed explanation.

2 Use the call Get domains to obtain these ids.


Returns a list of talent scans that match the filter parameters.

"clientId": "guid",
"createdOn": "datetime",
"expectations": [
"expectationId": "guid",
"score": number,
"outDated": boolean,
"rank": number,
"reportRank": number
"id": "guid",
"atsClientId": "guid",
"clusterIds": [
"domainIds": [
"email": "string",
"externalRef": "string",
"firstName": "string",
"lastName": "string",
"nationality": "string",
"phone": "string",
"schoolIds": [

Permission scopes

  • read:talentscans