Version: 2.x

Get total number of job scans for account

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Request parameters

Specify the parameters below to filter the account's job scans.

NameDescriptionDefault value
accountIdA valid accountId must be provided./
shouldHaveExpectationsSet to true if you only want the job scans that already have expectations calculated.false
teamRoleIdsA comma-separated list of team role ids to filter on team roles.1empty
workValueIdsA comma-separated list of work value ids to filter on work values.1empty
offsetSets the starting point of the query, e.g. if there are 10 job scans, then offset = 5 will get you job scans 6 to 10.0
searchTo filter on contact name, contact email, title and employer. Partial matches are allowed.empty
domainIdsA comma-separated list of domain ids2 to retrieve the job scans with these domains.empty

1 See Filter on expectations for a detailed explanation.

2 Use the call Get domains to obtain these ids.


Returns the total number of job scans that match the filter parameters.


Permission scopes

  • read:jobscans