Version: 2.x

Api reference overview

In this section you can find a detailed description of every call, including a link to the developer portal to try it out.

The kazi API boasts four groups:

  • The Identifying API is responsible for expectation scan management. It allows you to obtain, create, update and delete job and talent scans as well as getting information related to the scans, like clusters or domains.
  • The Tagging API is responsible for all tasks related to the execution of the kazi expectations scan. It allows you to supply answers and calculate expectations for a job or talent as well as asking for information about a kazi expectations scan, such as answers or an expectation report.
  • The About API gives you info about the API, like the current version.
  • The Administrator API lets you handle account-related tasks and offers a few other services meant for administrators like sending emails or retrieving templates.