Version: 2.x

How to do a kazi expectations job scan

In this tutorial we explain to you how to generate a kazi expectation report for a job. The easiest way to get to know the kazi assessment flow is to experience it yourself in our demo.

Here are the steps - along with the calls needed - for generating a job expectation report:

1. Get job scan questions with answer options

Retrieve the questions with answer options and present them to the job profiler in the order determined by the field priority. It is vital that all questions are answered for the job. If not, the job's expectations cannot be calculated. The questions and answer options are static data so you should only use this call once when starting up your application.

2. Create a job scan

Ask for the job specifications and register the job scan in the database. The job scan details can be updated through this call. Of course, you can also perform this step before the questions are answered.

3. Add job scan answers

Submit the job scan's answers by providing pairs of question ids and answer option ids. These ids were provided in step 1.

4. Calculate expectations for a job scan

Right now this is still a step which has to be triggered manually. It is not possible to get an expectation report if the expectations were not calculated for the job scan.

5A. Get job scan expectations & Get expectations

The first call will give you a list of ranked job scan expectations with their respective scores. This can be used together with the second call - a description of the expectations - to display the job scan's result.

5B. Get job scan expectation report

Obtain the top 2 work values and team roles for the job scan. A description of the expectations is included.

5C. Get job scan expectation report url

Alternatively, you can get a link to the expectation report, which is composed of the report url that is linked to your client and the job scan's id.